An Overview Of Glass Blowing and Glass Bongs


Glass blowing is an art form that has been around for many years. It is done by heating glass to a high temperature, until it becomes a molten substance. Then, the glass is blown into shape by a person blowing into a metal pipe. You can find a lot of glass products professionally glass blown. This includes different types of pipes and bongs. Some glass blown pipes and bongs have very fascinating artwork on them. Of course, these pipes and bongs are also fully functional.

The art of glass blowing has existed since late BC times. The technique that was initially used continued to be used from BC times to the 1800s. Nowadays, many glass items are made using industrial equipment. However, this takes away from the craft, artistic quality of the final product. Many people today are still after the artistic touch that is present in many hand blown glass products. For this reason, traditional glass blowing is still alive and well. There is a large market for blown glass products. Many glass blowers who are skilled at the trade do quite a good business selling their products.

Pipes and bongs are one area where traditional glass blowing is quite commonplace. Many pipes and bongs contain intricate designs on them. This type of design is best done by a traditional glass blower rather than industrial production. In fact, you can find the full gamut of pipes and bongs traditionally blown. Sometimes, small chillums are glass blown. These pipes may include various forms of artwork on the side. Even one hitters can be professionally glass blown. On the other end of the scale, full sized bongs are often made from hand blown glass. Some bongs are quite large, and this size helps glass blowers to be able to include more artwork on them. In fact, some bongs have multiple images of scenes, figures, or designs.

Bongs, pipes and other glass blown products can also be unique. In fact, it is possible to find hand blown, one of a kind glass bong, pipe or dab rig. You can buy these products on special e-commerce websites. Individual artists sometimes make hand blown pipes and bongs to sell on the internet. There are also personal websites for glass blowers, where one of a kind goods may be sold online. Also, there are private businesses that get involved in glass blowing. Sometimes, these shops sell pipes and bongs that are handmade and one of a kind.